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Cleaning Services

House Cleaning


We can do one-off or regular cleaning - for one hour or 6. Just let us know what your home needs and how regularly.

After Party Cleaning


You enjoy the party! We'll take care of the cleaning up.  Whether during the festive season or birthday, engagements or just because - we'll take care of the "morning after the night before" so you don't have to.

Move In/Out Cleaning


Moving can be stressful - but we can at least take care of the cleaning when you move out. And we can have your new home fresh and clean before you move in.


For landlord and agencies, we offer a full end-of-tenancy clean.

Carpet Cleaning


In addition to stair cleaning carpeted floors, we clean carpets and rugs to breathe new life into them. Good for homes with pets, smokers and kids or to keep your carpet looking good for longer.

Deep Spring Cleaning


For when you want your home completely dusted, cleaned and a breath of fresh, clean air (and furniture) breathed into it. We can tackle bathrooms, kitchens, rubbish removal... you name it.

Commercial Cleaning


To make your building renovations really sparkle - we do a thorough and careful "builder's cleans."


We also do office and studio cleaning for a range of businesses including charities, housing associations, language schools and martial arts studio.

Additional Services

Inside Cabinets


To get your cabinets hygenic, clean and free of dust, spills and food.



Inside Fridge


To get your fridge fresh and hygenic, clean and free of mould, food residues and spills.



Inside Oven


Get your ovens, hobs and microwave clean and shiny again.

Interior Walls & Interior Windows


We clean marks and blemishes from walls.  We remove marks, smears, finger and hand prints - bringing them back to bright, clear and shiny windows.



Garden Tidy-Up


We can pull weeds, cut the grass, trim hedges, lay woodchip or gravel. Whatever odd jobs are needed in the garden.




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